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1 in 7 Americans Are Voiding Their Apple Warranty Without Even Realizing It

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When you buy a new electronic device, the first question out of your mouth is usually "what's the warranty on this?" More often than not, the salesperson gives you a generic speech about a 90-day guarantee, plus a one year warranty as long as it hasn't been dropped or gotten wet, and doesn't have anything to do with wear-and tear. Basically, you're S.O.L..

However, Apple offers an extended warranty called Apple Care, which gives consumers the option to pay for coverage that will last an additional three years. It covers accidental damage and provides a new device at a MUCH lower cost if it can't be fixed.

While it seems to cover absolutely everything, some customers have been completely turned away with their warranties voided, all because of something that 35 million Americans do every day.

So what are we missing in the fine print?

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