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15 Cute Halloween Costumes For Your Little Munchkin

Unscientifically, the top three reasons for having a baby are:

1. Prime parking spots.

2. Source of constant entertainment.

3. You can dress them up in anything.

One of my favorite things about Halloween are the costumes - especially the adorable little baby costumes! I mean, parents pretty much have cart blanch when it comes to costume ideas and their little munchkins.

Babies make the best chubby chickens, little old ladies and yes, even footballs. From Puppies to Prince, check out our favorite 15 photos of babies decked out in their Halloween finest!

Oompa loompa

Nothing sweeter than a baby Oompa loompa!

Baby Groot!

Fans of Guardians of The Galaxy will love this costume for their little guy, cozy and cuuuute.

101 Dalmatians Duo

This siblings costume is on point! Puppy is not too pleased though...

Super Mario Brothers

Fur babies can get in on the action too! Love this little Luigi with his four-legged Mario!


This Daddy and his little lady would definitely get my vote for best couple's costume!

Dr. Seuss - The Cat In the Hat

Make it a family affair! We've seen babies dressed up as the Things, but we love this tiny top hat diva!

Back to the Future

These 80's kids are throwin' it back to the days of our own childhood with this awesome DeLorean!

Scuba Baby

This simple costume makes use of a baby's most important item, the paci!

Charlotte's Web

Another way to make use of a baby essential: the carrier. This cozy tot celebrates the season in snuggly style.


Make it purple rain! Dress your little prince up as Prince this year and collect ALL the candy.


Cozy and just to cute for words! Two of the top qualities that make this the perfect baby costume!

Old woman/Old man

These adorable little grandmas and grandpas will shuffle their way into even the crankiest heart!

Top Gun

Maverick and Goose have never looked better!

Charlie Brown

Inspired by your favorite halloween classic - "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," it's both easy and adorable!

Your favorite food

Halloween is just another excuse to show off your adorable little meatball!

or sushi roll...

or taco!

There are 19 days to go, parents: get planning!

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