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10 Adorable Little Kids Who Are Definitely Smarter Than You

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If you have kids of your own, you know how bright they can get at a very early age. It's almost shocking to watch them grow up before your eyes.

But these talented kids are smarter than most, and they're willing to prove it with some impressive feats of mental strength that will put most adults to shame. See if you can keep up with these 10 pint-sized Einsteins:

1. Nate Seltzer - Geography Expert

Ellen surprised Nate with a new car.Healthy Mummy

This 5-year-old whiz kid impressed Ellen with his knowledge of American states and world capitals. Seltzer isn't even in kindergarten yet, but he's already memorized the countries of the world and their flags.

Think you're smarter? Name the capital of Belize (without Googling it).

2. Shrinihi Prakash - Child Genius

It's one thing to say you're a genius, but 12-year-old Shrinihi has the skills to back it up. She won the TV show Child Genius, showing she's mastered everything from trivia and math to spelling. But of course nobody's perfect. While Shrinihi is a world champion Scrabble player, she has trouble tying her shoes.

Think you're smarter? Try doing a 4-part equation in your head, without a calculator.

3. Brielle Milla - Junior Chemist

Little Brielle was just 3 years old when she made her first appearance on Ellen, where she proved she has memorized the periodic table of elements. Since then she's been back to give the host lessons on biology and human anatomy. Not bad for someone who just learned to walk a few years ago!

Think you're smarter? Which bone is the scapula?

Who could be smarter than that? How about a dinosaur expert who's still in grade school...

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