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10 Celebrities That Appeared On Game Shows Before They Were Famous

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Watching game shows is an enjoyable American past-time. Whether you remember watching Bob Barker host the Price is Right, or enjoy playing along with the puzzles of Wheel of Fortune, these shows are a great way for the young and old to get together.

With tons of contestants over the years, you'd be surprised that some became our favorite Hollywood celebrities.

From TV stars, to politicians, musicians and movie actors, these celebrities got to give their favorite game show a try first-hand before they were a household name.

Which show would you want to be on?

Arnold Schwarzenegger- "The Dating Game"

With only one film credit under his belt, strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on The Dating Game in 1973. The future California governor tried to impress his potential dating partners by reading out his current body measurements.

Vanna White- The Price is Right

Now a legend in the game show world, Vanna White tried her hand on the other side as a contestant on the Price is Right in 1980. As one of the first 4 people to "come on down," Vanna couldn't make it on stage, but left an impression on Bob Barker none-the-less.

Aaron Paul- The Price is Right

The Breaking Bad star made a high-energy appearance on the legendary game show in 2000. It was reported that he had drank 6 cans of Red Bull before the show, which explained his abundance of energy. He made it through contestant's row, played the dice game, before making it to the final showcase showdown. He ended up overbidding his showcase by less than $200.

Steve Martin- The Gong Show

We often forget that skilled actor and funnyman Steve Martin is also a musician. He demonstrated this on a talent competition during The Gong Show, where he plucked away at his banjo.

A.J. McLean- Guts

Before he was one of our favorite Backstreet Boys, A.J. McLean competed on Nickelodeon's action-packed game show Guts. Though he had a strong start he was bested by the purple player which caused him to come in second overall.

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