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10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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It is often said that "truth is stranger than fiction," and if you need any proof these 10 cases where bizarre conspiracies turned out to be true should be all you need.

Bohemian Grove CrestMedium

1. Bohemian Grove

If somebody told you there was a shadowy and secret meeting where all of America's elites met for 2 weeks every year, would you believe them? You should, because that's just what Bohemian Grove is.

President Reagan (left) and President Nixon (right) at a Bohemian Grove meeting.Wikimedia

Each year, America's wealthy and powerful fly to Monte Rio, California, where they chat, play sports, have concerts and plays, and sacrifice a bundle of sticks to a giant animatronic owl, who was voiced by Walter Cronkite for decades.

The Cremation of Care ceremony, featuring a giant talking owl statue.JIS

But don't expect that the Grove's members - including almost every U.S. president since 1900 - to get up to know good during their vacation. Their motto of "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here" means they don't tolerate any shop talk during the big meeting.

2. The Chemist's War On Drinkers

Pouring out liquor during the Prohibition.Uncyclopedia

During the 1920s, Prohibition laws kept America dry, but drinkers were determined to keep on enjoying themselves, and across the country "speakeasies" selling bootleg liquor thrived.

Destroying prohibited alcohol.Wikimedia

To scare drinkers away from these establishments, the U.S. Treasury actually required businesses to poison their supply of grain alcohol, which was used to make the bootleg drinks. In 1927 alone, 700 drinkers were poisoned in New York, and as many as 10,000 people may have been killed by the poisoned liquor before Prohibition ended.

3. Operation Snow White

This undercover operation involving more than 5,000 agents infiltrated more than 130 U.S. government agencies, but there was no foreign country behind the spies.

The Church of Scientology's building in Los Angeles.RT

Operation Snow White was planned and carried out by the Church of Scientology, who used their agents to destroy documents related to the Church and spy on the American government. These moles stayed hidden for years, before 11 agents were eventually caught and the scheme was uncovered.

Think that was unbelievable? How about a lie that fooled the whole country.

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