10 Dogs Who Are Enjoying Life And Doing Better Than Me

Listen, okay? Dogs are the best. They just are. Do not fight me on this.

Dogs are wonderful, smart, caring, loving creatures who deserve the world.

These dogs are just doing their best to get through life like the rest of us and honestly they're doing a way better job at it than me.

1. This dog, who is working long hours to support his family

2. This dog, who is trying to get the backyard ready before the family BBQ

3. This dog, who is trying to save the environment by biking

4. This dog, who thanks everyone for coming over to celebrate with him.

5. This dog, who was watching a scary movie but then heard a noise upstairs

6. This dog, who would appreciate if you bought his mix-tape from Starbucks

7. This dog, who loves meeting new friends

8. This dog, who would like some quiet for two minutes so he can finish up his work

9. This dog, who is thankful everyone is letting him live out his dream

10. And this dog, who forgot to take her makeup off after going out the night before

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