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10 Facts All September Babies Have In Common

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Many people look forward to the start of September. It means cooler days ahead, back-to-school and of course pumpkin flavored everything! This transitional month between summer and fall has people excited about everything from scarves to apple picking and of course a ton of birthdays!

So for all you September babies, and parents of September babies, this one is for you!

You're Not Alone

While some argue that August is the month with the most births, others disagree and say that September takes the cake. According to Reader's Digest, the dates between September 9 and 20 contain 9 of the top 10 birthdays in America. The top 3 include September 9, 19 and 12. Do you know anyone with a birthday during those days?

You're More Likely To Excel In School

Science has suggested that people born in the month of September are more likely to achieve more early development goals than those who are born in the summer months. They also have the academic upper hand because in 19 states, the cutoff date for kindergarten is September 1. That means September babies are the oldest and most developed in their classes. They're also 20% more likely to get into elite schools, so parents, you better start saving up!

You're Said to Weigh Less

Though it's said that people in September generally weigh less, it doesn't mean that they will be born with a low birth weight.

You're Taller Than Others

Have you ever noticed that all the taller kids in your class were born in September? If you're tired of sitting up front for picture day, then there's a good chance you weren't born in this month. Since mom enjoys the final stretch of her pregnancy in the summer when there is more sun, it is said that she produces higher levels of Vitamin D, which may help the fetus' skeletal growth.

You're Very Athletic

If you want your child to be good in sports, make the school team or one day represent America on the world-stage, plan for a fall baby. September babies have more athletic abilities which give them a clear physical advantage on the field.

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