10 Foods That You Should Never Keep In The Fridge

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Whenever we don't know where something should be kept, we just throw it in the fridge because what could it hurt, right? Not right. Here's a list of things that surprisingly don't go in the fridge:

1. Hot Sauce

It won't hurt to keep hot sauce in the fridge, but it doesn't need to be there, so make room in your fridge and keep it in the cupboard. Hot sauces are usually full of vinegar, which will prevent any bacterial growth. Much like other foods, the heat of the chili will also be much more potent if it's kept at room temperature.

2. Cucumber

This was the item I was most surprised about. UC Davis in California did a study of cucumbers and concluded they should be stored at room temperature as cold can injure them by making them watery and pitted.

3. Tomatoes

The best place to keep tomatoes is on the counter. The fridge can cause damage to the membrane of the tomato, making them watery and mealy.

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