10 Good Things Happening In The World Right Now

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Considering the way things are going around the world, it's becoming harder each day to convince people that there is still a lot of good remaining. But, hidden among all the grim headlines, are plenty of happy news stories about good things happening in all corners of the globe.

So if you need a flicker of hope, here are 10 really good things that are happening in the world right now to remind you that everything will be ok.

1. Scientists discovered a new type of aurora

The experts named the new atmospheric phenomenon "Steve," after it was suggested by the Facebook group, Alberta Aurora Chasers. Their pick was inspired by the animated movie Over the Hedge.

Dave Markel

2. A man created a forest bigger than Central Park

Jadav Payeng spent most of his adult life planting trees around his barren hometown of Majuli Island, India. Today, more than 38 years after planting his first seed, Payeng has created a 1,400 acre dense forest that now houses rhinoceroses, deer, tigers, vultures and elephants.

3. Researchers discovered a vitamin that can reduce birth defects and miscarriages

Researchers recently released the results of a 12-year study which revealed that birth defects and miscarriages can likely be avoided by taking vitamin B3 while pregnant. They're calling it "the most important discovery for pregnant women since folate."

4. An American World War II veteran returned a Japanese fallen soldier's flag after 70 years

Marvin Strombo took a calligraphy-covered Japanese flag from the body of a fallen soldier during WW2 as a souvenir. Decades after he returned home, he couldn't shake the guilt off so he made it a mission to return it. 73 years later, Strombo found the soldier's family and gave back the flag during an emotional reunion.

Eugene Hoshiko / AP

5. Giant Pandas are no longer on the endangered species list

You might have already heard about this awesome news through the grapevine, but in case you didn't, we've got your covered. Thanks to the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other conservation organizations, the giant panda's status was recently downgraded from "Endangered" to "Vulnerable."  

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