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10 Infomercial Products You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Infomercials are one of those things that we all love to hate (but secretly just love). Of course it would be great to wear pants that look like jeans but are made out of PJ material. And of course I need to chop items at an crazy fast pace!

Infomercials are perhaps one of the greatest comedies without intending to be. They regularly act as though no one knows how to use basic everyday objects like tupperware or knives. You can check out very hilarious examples of how dumb infomercials think we are here.

What about the products behind the ridiculous infomercials? Here are the 10 worst (or best) infomercial products.

1. Sauna Pants

Because who has time to waste in a sauna! Get your relaxation on the go with these shorts that make your butt sweat! Now you can read, talk on the phone, watch TV and play video games all while sweating profusely on about six inches of your body! The commercial is just great, watch it here.

2. UroClub

When nature calls, now you can answer it discreetly! This top of this golf club unscrews and comes with its very own towel so you can take care of your business in the middle of the golf course while everyone is around, they will just think that you are checking out your golf club! How handy! The commercial is completely hilarious, watch it below, it's the best 35 seconds ever.

3. Slap Chop

Because cutting food is WAY too much work. This product isn't perhaps the worst in theory, it is more the ridiculous delivery that Vince gives. Remember him from the Sham-Wow commercial? He is for sure being a weirdo on purpose, why else would he say the sentence "You're going to love my nuts" on camera? Watch this travesty here.

4. GLH Formula 9

Hair in a can. One of the originals, one of the greats. Who knew you could cure baldness with an aerosol spray. Just don't get too warm or wet or touch your head ever. I can only imagine how gross it must look when you shower. The commercial is super uncomfortable because they are claiming it is unscripted.

5. Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

Because nothing says beauty like looking like a serial killer from the movies. This thing will make your skin nice after it terrifies everyone to death who walks by you.

6. The Tiddy Bear

This fixes that big problem no one has! Uncomfortable breasts while driving. You probably shouldn't be putting things that affect seat belts, but if you must, why would you put it facing at you? Watch their explanation here.

7. Comfort Wipe

I find this one particularly disturbing. Is wiping that challenging? Do you really need an extension handle for it? Really? Commercial can be found here.

8. The Potty Putter

Why not? You aren't doing anything else with your time.

9. Hawaii Chair

It's hard to find time to workout so why not work out while at work? It has never been easier to get your workout in than while you just violently twist around in place. See how easy it is here.

10 Shake Weight

One of those items that means well, but clearly it didn't turn out as planned. We all want Michelle Obama's arms, but is it worth it if this is what you have to do?

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?

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