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10 Legendary Creatures That Could Be Real, And Where To Look For Them

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The truth is out there somewhere, and we have reason to believe that these 10 legendary monsters are too...

A photo supposedly showing the Jersey

1. The Jersey Devil

One of America's most famous urban legends, this cloven-hoofed, winged, fork-tailed critter haunts the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey, terrifying locals with its horrible scream.

A sketch of the Devil from the Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper, January 1909.Wikimedia

Legend tells that the creature was the cursed 13th child of a woman known as Mother Leeds, while others say Leeds was a witch who had a child with the Devil himself. Whatever it is, Napoleon's older brother Joseph Bonaparte swore he saw it while hunting in 1820.

2. The Chupacabra

A sketch of the Chupacabra based off eyewitness descriptions.LeCire

Seen throughout the southern United States and Mexico, the first reports of these creatures came from Puerto Rico in 1995. That year, a farmer found 8 of his sheep had been attacked and killed, with all of their blood drained out.

A photo supposedly depicting a Chupacabra.Cryptozoology News

Chupacabras (Spanish for "goat-suckers") are described as small mammals with scales and spines on their back who feed on the blood of livestock.

3. Shuck, The Black Dog

For centuries, ghostly black dogs who walk on silent feet have haunted small English villages. The most famous and feared of all is Shuck, a giant who's said to have one glowing red eye. Seeing Shuck is said to be an omen that you will die before the end of the year.

The scorched claw and paw marks on this door are said to be left by Shuck.Oxford Culture Mania

Shuck famously attacked a church in Suffolk in 1577, collapsing park of the building and leaving scorch marks on the door, which can still be seen to this day.

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