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10 Most Astounding Versions Of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Each version of this heart-wrenching song gets more and more powerful.

These artists' interpretations of the song and his lyrics reveal so much about the different ways they were impacted by the message Cohen conveyed with his composition.

It is a powerful song with emotional lyrics that can be sung softly or belted out with force - each conveying an emotional tone that just takes our breath away.

One of the greatest things about the works created by the late Canadian singer/songwriter/poet, was that there was a sense of ambiguity about them. The emotion was strong - but what each song was about, could mean something so different for so many.

Check out these stunning covers of one of his most famous songs:

16-year-old McKenna Breinholt accompanied by a Live Symphony and Choir

Jeff Gutt on The X Factor



Anna Clendening, America's Got Talent

Noah Gutherie

7th Ave

Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, Blanca and Nirva

Alexandra Burke

Leonard Cohen, 2009 - Hallelujah

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