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10 Of Obama's Coolest Moments To Prepare You For His Final Speech

After eight years as commander in chief, President Obama is getting ready to pack it in later this month when President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

There have been ups and downs in his career, but regardless of how you feel about the President, there's no denying he's had some really awesome moments while in office.

Tonight, he'll be sharing one last message with America in a televised speech, so to get you in the mood to say goodbye, we've collected 10 of Obama's coolest moments since he moved into the White House.

Whether they were funny, cute, or just a little weird, these moments will be remembered long after Obama leaves office.


1. His Awesome Dad Jokes

Being the President is a serious job, but pardoning a turkey isn't, so Obama always had some fun with this tradition.

2. When He Read Mean Tweets

Obama showed he was willing to joke about himself, which is important. Speaking of which...

3. When He Thanked Himself

"Thanks Obama" became the go-to saying when things weren't going right, and even the President was caught saying it in this cute video.

4. When He Was Joking On Twitter

Barack Obama was the first President to use the official Twitter account for the office, and he didn't waste any time making a mark on the social media website.

5. When He Was Caught By The Kiss Cam

No matter who you are, when your face is on the Jumbotron, you've got to kiss!

6. When He Swatted That Fly

That'll teach him to stay out of the White House.

7. The Time He Lost It Over This Little Pope

Obama's had lots of cute moments with children over the past eight years, but nothing tops his reaction to this adorable little girl dresses as the Pope for Halloween.

8. All His Appearances On The Ellen Show

Watch this great throwback to Obama's first appearance on Ellen, before he was elected President. Since then he's been back for lots of great stunts, like meeting presidential superfan Macey.

9. All Of His Great Moments With The Presidential Pets

If there's anyone we'll miss more than President Obama, it has to be his adorable dogs Bo and Sunny.


   10. When He Showed Off His Singing Voice

What's next for Obama when he's out of office? Apparently dropping a record would be a good choice, because he has some serious talent.

Obama's last speech as President is tonight at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Will you be tuning in?

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