10 Of The Darkest Moments From Kids TV That Were...Just A Lot

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It's no secret that growing up, our TV shows were way different than those today.

Forget Peppa Pig, I was living that Magic School Bus life!

But have you ever gone back to look at some of the old shows we used to watch? There are some...questionable episodes that we probably should not have been watching.

Even the movies we watched were pretty dark...

See if you remember these episodes of our favorite old-school shows and juuuust how dark they were.

1.Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends

Baby Gaga

"The Sad Story Of Henry" was pretty bleak, if you ask me. Henry drives into one of the tunnels and stops because it's raining outside and he doesn't want to get his new paint job wet. Pretty reasonable, right? WRONG. The Fat Controller gives Henry an ultimatum: leave the tunnel or “We shall take away your rails. And leave you here for always and always and always.”

AND HENRY DOESN'T MOVE. The final shot of the episode is Henry being bricked into the tunnel with only his eyes showing. Yikes.

2. Hey Arnold

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In 'Pigeon Man', Arnold's pigeon Chester falls ill so he takes him to the aptly named Pigeon Man who lives in a rooftop lair. Arnold befriends the man, named Vincent, and it turns out he's actually pretty chill. Vincent's friends stopped hanging out with him because he liked birds, so now he lives alone. While Arnold and Vincent are out getting pizza, Arnold's friends sneak onto Vincent's roof and TOTALLY TRASH HIS HOME????

Vincent returns home and tells Arnold he's going to "leave town" and gets carried away by his pigeons. Fans of the show are preeeeetty sure the exit symbolized Vincent's suicide.

3. ALF

Baby Gaga

Honestly, was there a worse ending to a better show?

Not only does the finale consist of ALF saying goodbye to the Tanners as he heads to a new planet with his friends, he then gets abducted by the Alien Task Force and....that's it. Legit that's how the show ends. With ALF abducted and probably being tested horribly by mean scientists.

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