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10 Outrageous Behind The Scenes Facts About Elvis's Movie Career

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Elvis Presley's music has stood the test of time, but one of the singer's other passions - his film career - never took off the way he hoped it would.

Elvis calls the shots on the set of "Loving You"Graceland

Sure, Elvis starred in 33 movies (sometimes starring in 3 in a single year) but while he dreamed of being a dramatic actor like James Dean he wound up making lots of lighthearted musicals.

Elvis entertains the crew on the set of "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Graceland

Revisit some of the King's best films as we share 10 surprising facts about his movie career:

1. Blue Hawaii

One of the singer's most popular movies and one of 3 he filmed in Hawaii, there was no shortage of drama on the set of this musical. The hard-partying star showed up for filming looking so pale the director had to recommend a tanning lamp for him.

You might notice some of Presley's female co-stars look tired in this movie too. The singer hosted nightly parties, and the director had to ban the cast from attending because they showed up looking like zombies the next day.

2. Clambake

Elvis hated this film, because to him it represented exactly the kind of goofy movie he didn't want to star in. In her book Elvis and Me, the singer's wife Priscilla Presley blames Clambake for making Elvis gain weight.

Elvis in "Clambake."presley-elvis / tumblr

In fact, Elvis ballooned from 170 lbs to 200, and producers forced him to take diet pills so he wouldn't look bloated on-screen.

3. Loving You

While Elvis is famous for his black hair and his "ducktail" haircut, the singer's real hair color is brown. He died it so it would look better on screen for Loving You, his feature film debut. Of course the iconic look stuck, and Elvis only stopped dying his hair during his time in the Army.

While "Loving You" was a hit song, it couldn't compare to the popularity of "Love Me Tender."

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