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10 Pictures That Prove The Real World Is Cooler Than CGI

We live in a magical world, if you don't believe me, check out these pictures! The world is constantly throwing us these crazy lightning techno parties, painting the sky with clouds straight out of Disney movies, and confusing us with moving inanimate objects. Several lucky photographers shared their pictures and we have collected 10 of them to show you just how cool this planet can really be.

Pancake Clouds


Okay so maybe they aren't actually called that, they are called Lenticular Clouds. They look kind of like an upside down stack of pancakes, and are a beautiful rarity that was photographed in northern Georgia.

When Lava isn't menacing enough, add Lightning


Apparently when lightning strikes in a volcanic plume, it creates a mudslide. More importantly it creates a really impressive picture.

When the Sky gets a Little Droopy

©Flickr/Rick Lussi

Undulatus Asperatus clouds look like rough waves and were only recently included as a classification by the head of the Cloud Appreciation Society. Which I did not know existed until right now.

Never Ending Lightning Storms


Not completely never ending, but the Catatumbo Lightning phenomenon happens between 140-160 times a year, each storm lasting up to ten hours a night. This results in 280 lightning strikes per hour. Seems like a good enough reason so stay very far away from this area to me!

Ice Bubbles


   SCATTERED REALM by Edwin Martinez on 500px.com  


Methane in the water rises up but gets trapped under the thick layers of ice and creates these layered bubbles that make you a little nervous about how strong the ice actually is.

Rocks that Walk

Trey Ratcliff

So the photographer who took this photo watched this one rock for hours and it moved so slowly that he didn't see any of it, but the trail behind it makes it look like there is maybe a snail hiding inside.

Drippy Tropical Clouds


A little bit different than the wavy clouds, the Mammatus Clouds are linked with the formation of tropical cyclones.

Sparkly Sea Creatures

Doug Perrine

Marine Wildlife photographer Doug Perrine snapped this photo of bioluminescent photo-plankton on the beaches of the Maldives. It looks almost as though the stars are reflecting in the water.

Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Giant

Each layer of eucalyptus gets peeled off at different times, which causes the multicolored effect as the tree slowly evolves over time. The colors start off blue and then as time goes on they gradually shift towards a maroon tone.

Winnie the Cloud


Timing is everything with this cloud formation. This cloud that looks exactly like Winnie the Pooh and was spotted during a fundraising event for the Children's Heart Surgery Fund in Sandbanks, Dorset.

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