10 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Fall is the best season and I won't even entertain any arguments otherwise. There has never been a better time of year to feel cozy, yet comfortable.

I truly don't understand people who love summer. Really, I don't. I mean sure the sun is fun for about 1 hour every day. But if you're like me, and are paler than Casper the ghost, the sun is more of a hindrance than it is something to enjoy.

But why do we all love fall? There's so many reasons it's almost hard to pick. I did my best to narrow it down to 10. And here they are.

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes/Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING


Yeah, I went there. Anyone who says they don't like pumpkin spice is wrong. It's a classic fall flavor and tastes like autumn in a cup. If it's pumpkin spice flavored, it's probably been consumed by me at least 3 times this week.

2. Sweater Weather

Summer is TOO HOT. There is no reason for anyone to sweat as much as they do during summer. Why would you subject yourself to that? Fall temperatures are so much better. A nice lil' cool breeze while you're wearing a thick sweater is the stuff dreams are made of. Not to mention jeans and a hoodie are more forgiving than booty shorts and a crop top.

3. Sports are Back

Life without hockey is like life without meaning. I'm sure the same goes for football. Having a team to cheer for really makes the season more fun. Plus, since it's sweater weather, you can get away with wearing your jersey outside. It's truly perfect.

4. Fall TV is the Best TV

You've spent the summer running through 800 possible scenarios for that cliffhanger your fave show left you on, and now it's finally time to find out who died. Fall TV is the best because there's SO MUCH OF IT! You can have a new show to watch each night and not even get bored. Summer TV is mostly fluff. But fall? Fall is where it's at.

5. Halloween Candy

Finally, a time when your candy diet is accepted in society. You tell everyone you're "buying in advance so it doesn't sell out." But we all know that box of mini-Snickers will be gone within the hour. All summer gives us is 28 different types of fruit popsicles.

6. Fall Colors

Could you not stare at this all day? Fall brings us so many warm colors to enjoy and makes everything look pretty. Not to mention pretty much everyone looks cute with a changing leaves background in their selfie.

7. UGGs

UGGs are fall shoes, first off. If you're wearing these any other time of the year you are crazy. But once autumn hit feel free to glue them to your feet. The coziest shoes known to mankind are a perfect match for every outfit and guaranteed to keep you cozy.

8. Local Fairs

YAS! How amazing is it to go to a local fair in the fall? You can win great prizes, hang out with friends, and stock up on local jams and crafts. It's really perfect. Plus you get to see what cool things the people in your community can make.

9. Thanksgiving

Family, food, and fall. The 3 Fs. Combine them all and you have Thanksgiving. There is no better way to spend a fall day than stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes while listening to your relative get drunk. It truly is a blessed holiday.

10. Halloweentown Movies

All hail Queen Debbie Reynolds. The Halloweentown series is the best Halloween themed set of movies that's ever been created and it deserves more respect than it currently gets. Once fall hits, it's the go-ahead to watch the series once a week until November 1st hits.

What's your favorite part of fall?

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