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10 Stunning Daughters of Celebrity Parents

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Eric Charbonneau/SPE; Inc. / WhoSay/Eva Amurri

We all love to know what our favorite celebrities are doing these days. Especially when it comes to what they're up to when they think no one is watching!

Devoted celebrity watchers will remember when the news first reported the births of these beautiful daughters. For some, we've watched them grow up in television, movies while others lead a more private life.

Now they're out in the world, making names for themselves in Hollywood and it's clear their parents couldn't be prouder!

Emerson Tenney: daughter of Teri Hatcher

Dakota Johnson: Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson

Lily Collins: Phil Collins

Kate Hudson: Goldie Hawn

Fans of The Partridge Family will recognize a grown-up Keith Partridge, but it's certain that even more people will recognize his beautiful daughter!

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