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10 Things Invented By Accident That Went On To Change The World

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Mark Twain once wrote in his notebook that the greatest inventor of all time was named "accidents," and there are lots of examples that prove him right.

A Slinky proves that a change of perspective can make you an instant success.Caravan to Midnight

It seems that while working on one problem inventors manage to solve another, or something in their daily lives inspires them to create something the world has never seen before.

Popsicles seem like an inspired idea, but they were created by mistake.The First Year Blog

See how many of these 10 inspired accidents you still use on a daily basis:

1. Popsicles

In 1905, an 11-year-old boy from Oakland, California named Frank Epperson left a glass of sugar water on his porch overnight. The next morning, his stirring stick let him lick the frozen treat while keeping his hands clean.

Epperson managed to patent his invention as "frozen ice on a stick," and originally called it an Epsicle (thank goodness that name didn't stick).

2. Microwave ovens

Spencer and an early microwave oven.Janet Higgs

An engineer named Percy Spencer was designing radar systems for Raytheon when he discovered that his radar system would melt the candy bar in his pocket while he stood in front of it.

The original Radarange microwave.Best Microwaves & Guides

He did further tests - including making the world's first serving of microwaved popcorn - before helping Raytheon introduce the first microwave oven. That first oven, called the Radarange, weighed 750lbs and was over 5 feet tall, so it's not surprising that microwaves only became popular after shrinking to fit on a kitchen counter.

3. The pacemaker

Inventor Wilson Greatbatch poses with his design.AP

While pacemakers have been around since the 1920s, early models were the size of a TV set and weren't very easy to get around with. A scientist named Wilson Greatbatch changed everything by designing a pacemaker that fit inside the human body.

Greatbatch introduced the modern design and also the long-lasting batteries that power a pacemaker.News OK

He was really trying to build a machine to listen to the heart, but when he put the wrong part inside his device sent an electric shock at the same rhythm as a heart. It was a "eureka" moment that has saved millions of lives ever since.

What else was invented by accident? You'd be surprised.

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