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10 Things Retail Workers Are Tired Of Dealing With

Retail workers put up with a lot of nonsense throughout the day. It's hard having to keep up a pleasant disposition while listening to customers go off about every little thing under the sun.

But because "the customer is always right," workers are rarely allowed to argue with someone regardless of how wrong they are.

So here are a few things that retail workers are tired of hearing.

1. "Do you work here?"

What gave it away? Was it my name tag? Me being behind the cash? The fact that I'm wearing all black in mid-July?

2. When you let your kids run wild through the store.

No, it's totally fine! It's not like there's other people in here trying to shop. Retail workers barely get paid enough to do their own jobs, they don't need to be part-time babysitters as well. Because we all know if something happens, it will immediately become the store's fault. "Yes, ma'am, you're right. Our shelves should have been strong enough for your 12 year old to climb. That's our mistake.

3. "Do you have my size?"

Sure! Let me go check the back where it says "Jenny's Size." Give me a number, a guess, a "big" or a "small", anything to work from besides "my size." You are a stranger. I do not know you.

4. When an employee says hello to a customer and gets no response

"Hi there! Welcome!" [dead silence] ALRIGHT COOL! Even just a smile, some form of acknowledgement would be great. It's not like I asked you to give me your Social Security Number. It's basic manners, people.

5. When you complain about the prices

Employees are well aware about how overpriced things are. But it's not their decision. We, too, would like those shoes to be 50% off but it's not something we can control. That doesn't change based on how much you ask or how funny you think you're being. And while you can just walk out and go somewhere else, we have to actually wear stuff the store sells. So you're kind of preaching to the choir.

6. When you show up 2 minutes before the store closes

You know the mall doesn't charge admission, right? You don't have to stay riiiiiight until the end to get your money's worth. I've got half an hour of closing stuff to do before I can go home, and the longer you're here the longer it is before I get to be in bed. "Oh I'll be quick!"

7. "No price tag, must be free!"

Be honest, has that ever worked for you? If you ever say that to a retail worker, you're about to hear their "work laugh" which is the cross between a crazy person and a hyena. "That's SO funny and original and I DEFINITELY haven't heard that 15 times today!" If you really thought it was free, you would have left the store already.

8. "I'd like to speak to your manager."

You're more than welcome to do so. But for the record, she's probably going to tell you the same thing I did. Mainly because your request to return this item that you purchased two years ago and have clearly worn through is absolutely ridiculous. But sure, I'll go drag my manager out from the back room. And when she asks why I didn't tell you "no" in the first place, I'll let her know it's because your logic isn't working today.

9. "I'm just going to take my business somewhere else then!"

Boy BYE! No one is forcing you here. You are welcome to leave at any time. If you don't like my attitude, might I suggest using a "please" and "thank you" every once in a while?

10. "It's too bad you can't find a real job!"

First off, excuse you. Second, retail is a real job. I get real money, I come to a real place, I signed a real contract. Just because it isn't your ideal line of work doesn't make it any less of a profession. The people working retail are some of the most patient on the planet. Customer service is handed out based on how employees are treated. You're less likely to help a friend if they say "I'm demanding you come and move all my furniture up three flights of stairs" than you are if they say "Hey listen, bud. It would really help me out if you could please give me a hand with moving some stuff? I would really appreciate it!" You get what you give.

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