10 Truly Loving Things Kids Do That Every Parent Will Recognize

It doesn't matter what age your child is, they will always find a way to let you know just how special and important you are to them.

Even your baby, who isn't speaking yet, has little ways that she shows you how much you mean to her. These 10 cues are just a few of the many ways in which our children show us how much we are loved.

Let's see how many you recognize!

1. Newborns will stare into your eyes: They are memorizing every inch of your face. They understand very little else about the world, but they know that you're the center of it.

2. Baby thinks about you when you're gone: As your baby ages, they'll begin to look for you when you leave the room. Between eight and 12 months old, they'll scrunch up your face when you "disappear" and grin big when you come back.

3. Wicked toddler tantrums: Sure, it's a pain at the moment, but these displays of hurt and anger mean he trusts you deeply.

4. Toddler runs to you for comfort: They know that you're a constant source of love that they can always count on!

5. Toddler copies you: Imitation is a sincere form of respect and love in Toddlerland, so if you find that you suddenly have a mini-me, take it as a compliment!

6. Preschooler gives you gifts: Maybe it's a stone they've found outside, or a flower from your garden, they'll bring you little trinkets and treasures because you really are the best!

7. Preschoolers show off: This is the "look at me!" phase and it is just so darn adorable! They want your approval because they admire you, so they'll do pretty much anything to get it.

8. Preschoolers will comfort you: They will mimic whatever it is you do for them when they are upset. If they notice you're sad, they might pat you on the back, or bring you their favorite teddy. You're their world and they don't like to see you sad.

9. Preschooler will say it with words: Finally! You'll hear the long-awaited "I love you," or "you're beautiful," or even, "mommy, will you marry me." It's all good - they mean the same thing!

10. Your big kid trusts you with secrets: They may be in elementary school now, but they're not too old to tell you about their first crush or most embarrassing moment. You might not get a kiss in public, but you're still their confidante!

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