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We Need Answers To These 10 Unexplained Photos From History (Video)

As a culture, we take pictures of everything. It seems like we can't prove that we have done anything unless it has been documented by our cellphones in every aspect. The idea is that "if there is a picture, then it definitely happened." We even rely heavily on photographic proof when dealing with matters that are criminal in nature. If a photograph can send a person away for life, shouldn't they also be used to prove the unexplained?

But whenever a photo appears that seems to document something that makes the public uncomfortable with what they know to be true, then it becomes a hoax clearly purported by the person who took the picture.  

Idaho State Journal

Think of the infamous picture of Bigfoot, or the many shadowy photos of the Loch Ness Monster, or just about every photo apparently capturing proof of the paranormal. It's the reality that we live in that people simply refuse to believe that any of these things can be true. I am not saying that I do, but I am willing to give them some sober second thought if they are accompanied by photographic evidence.


Check out the video and decide for yourself whether these photos are authentic or fake. But ask yourself, what if they all turned out to be real, and we have just been ignoring them out of our own ignorance and fear?

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