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10 Vintage New Year's Photos That Show People Never Change

We like to think that in the past, people were more orderly and dignified. After all, it's hard to imagine our grandparent's generation being rowdy and young.

But in reality, people have always loved a good party, and New Year's Eve is no exception. Staying up all night with your friends, having a few drinks, and making a lot of noise at midnight never goes out of style, and these vintage photographs show just how wild New Year's used to get.

People back then really knew how to throw a party! Keep an eye out and see if you recognize any of your ancestors in these photographs.


10. Everyone was pretty cheery at the start of the night...

9. Champagne has always been an essential part of New Year's Eve

8.  and noisemakers too!

7. And whether you brought your date to the party...

6. ...or a donkey

5.  It's important to pace yourself

4. Or else you'll miss the countdown!

3. Leave the cleanup for tomorrow

2. Grab somebody to kiss at midnight

1. And get the whole gang together for the countdown!

Happy New Year!

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