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10 Everyday Foods That Are Banned In Other Countries

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Different cultures often have their own take on different kinds of food, and sometimes this can also lead to a cultural dislike of particular tastes that others love. In the case of these 10 though, there are some pretty weird laws that have meant that seemingly harmless foods have been completely banned from several countries.

U.S. - Kinder Surprise Eggs


One of the most infamous cases of a food ban, the United States banned the popular chocolate treat because of a law prohibiting a "non-edible object" being encased in food.

Russia - Salmon


Specifically farm-raised salmon, which is also banned in Australia and New Zealand due to the amount of growth hormones and chemicals that often go into raising them.

European Union - Absinthe

While the ban has been overturned for some time now, absinthe used to be illegal due to it containing large portions of wormwood, a plant which can be a hallucinogen. It was banned in the United States and Canada for much longer, but that was also recently overturned.

The bans start getting pretty weird from here...

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