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100 Layers of Makeup Challenge Is Both Weird And Hilarious

The internet is full of crazy challenges and some of the strangest makeup challenges I've seen yet have been popping up all over Youtube. We've all seen the boyfriend makeup challenge, the no mirror makeup challenge, the kid's makeup challenge; which, to be honest, were pretty entertaining.

Youtube now gives you the 100 layer makeup challenge. That's right, 100 coats of any and all makeup must be applied and documented. We've collected some photos of the most intense makeup layers yet - from liquid eyeliner to foundation, men and women cover it all. We're pretty sure you'll want to wash your face after reading this post.

100 Layers of Liquid Lipstic

Not so bad, right? Mayratouchofglam layers coats of liquid lipstick until the skin on her lips feels like it can't breathe.

Before and After - that's a LOT of lipstick!

100 Layers of False Eyelashes

This is getting weird. 100 layers later, and Tina Yong has caterpillars crawling on her eyes! Seriously, that must have hurt pulling all those off!

100 Layers of Foundation

I can hear her pores gasping for air, my pores are gasping for air just thinking about it. Jeely regrets this one hour into the application.

100 Layers of Fake Tan

OK. This is terrifying. I thought the foundation was bad, but RiyadhK's fake tan is terrible and terrifying. It looks like his face is melting.

100 Layers of Liquid Liner

It's actually not so bad when Lyzette Adonis completes her layers of liquid liner, I think the rainbow look is quite pretty!

100 Layers of Blush and Brows

Not horrifying, but definitely waaay too much makeup. It looks like Chyaz has sunburned cheeks!

100 Layers of Dipbrow

Kait Nichole paints on 100 layers of eyebrow and it doesn't look too thick, until she scrapes it off. Yikes!

100 Coats of Everything

JennaMarbles has over 16 million subscribers to her Youtube channel and you'll soon find out why. She goes all out and applies 100 layers of everything. She takes this makeup challenge to a whole other level of crazy. This video has over 9 million views - Enjoy!

What do you think? Would you try any of these challenges? Let us know in the comments below! Like and Share!

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