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105 Homeless People Were Given Disposable Cameras And These Were The Results

In July 2015, non-profit organization Cafe Art gave 105 homeless men and women in London, England disposable cameras. They were told to take pictures that represent "My London."

This was all part of an initiative to get homeless artists work displayed around the city and for some people, in a print calendar. The program, according to co-director, Paul Ryan, includes mentorship and training from professionals who volunteer their time to help.

The goal of this project was to help the participants to gain back confidence they needed in life. Whether it be to get back to the job hunt, look for housing, reconnect with friends, or even just remember why they loved art to begin with, this project gave hope to 105 people who otherwise may never have found it.

Here are some of the best entries this year, as voted by the public.

1. Jackie Cook, "Underground Exit"

2. Siliana, "After the Rain"

3. Christopher McTavish, "St. Paul's in Reflection"

4. Keith Norris, "Watching Mannequin"

5. Hugh Gary, "London Calling"

6. Laz Ozerden, "What Now?"

7. Beatrice, "Out of the Blue"

8. Alana Del Valle, "London Bus with Sculpture"

9. Ella Sullivan, "Heart Bike Rack"

10. Leo Shaul, "The Coffee Roaster"

11. Saffron Saidi, "Graffiti Area"

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