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11 Times Christmas Cookies Just Didn't Turn Out Right

Christmas season is here and that means one thing...cookies! Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like a plate of piping hot gingerbread cookies - or shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, any cookies really. For amateur bakers, making sure everything goes just right can be tough. Cookie making is a science after all, and as these photos show sometimes our little holiday experiments don't go according to plan.


1. It's not easy being green

2. I think the ribbon was the missing touch here

3. Are these half gingerbread or just half burnt?

4. Rudolph, are you ok?

5. Better put extra icing on these

6. (Really) ugly Christmas sweaters

7. Well three turned out okay

8. Remember: consistency is the key to Christmas cookies

9. Yeah these are just about done

10. Go Longhorns

11. I totally meant to do this

Just remember: if they taste good, nothing else matters. Share this with the cookie maestro in your life.

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