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11 Crafts Projects Your Grandchildren Will Want To Make With You

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Whether it's a rainy day or you are spending the afternoon inside with your grandchildren, crafting can make for some fun memories.

But how do you get them to sit there for more than 5 minutes before they are bouncing around again demanding another episode of Paw Patrol?

If you choose an activity they are actually excited about, they will not only sit through the entire craft, but ask to do it again the next time they're over.

Now that's how to make grandma's house exciting for the kids!

Homemade Play Dough

Kids love mashing and combining the colors they get in their play dough kits. Blow their mind and whip up a batch of the colorful molding dough together. They can even choose the colors!

You can pretty much guarantee that they will not only love making it, but will also enjoy playing with it after. Hours of fun and entertainment together, makes this craft perfect!

Don't Mess with Mama

Bubble Painting

What could be more fun than blowing bubbles AND painting in one activity?

Show the younger generation that you can combine their favorite activities into a fun craft that they can be proud to show mom and dad later.

Artful Kids

Make Homemade Stickers

Do your grandkids collect stickers in a sticker book? Maybe they love to cover pages of construction paper with colorful shapes and colors with their sticker sheet. Make your own homemade stickers and get to choose your favorite things and create a craft with them after.

Don't be surprised if your hands are covered with stickers of flowers and hearts after this activity.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft for Kids

What better way to celebrate a gorgeous sunny day, than with a handcrafted stained glass craft made my your grandkids. Have them experiment with different colors and shapes to see where their creativity takes them.

Make sure they make an extra one for you, because you will want one for your window to remember a great day together.


Homemade Rainbow Crayons

Where there's kids and toddlers, there are broken crayons. That's just a fact of raising kids. Take those snapped colors and create a craft that you and your grandchildren can do together.

They will be in awe over the color combinations and you will be pleased that you were able to make something out of crayons that would have been thrown out anyways.


Find out how to make Silly Putty, a Bird Feeder Craft and Make a Rainbow of Pom-Poms on the next page.

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