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11 Important Facts To Get You Ready For International Monkey Day

December 14th is the day the world gets to celebrate the most wonderful animal: Monkeys and primates. How much do you know about the wonderful creatures? Probably not much.

I mean, we all know they are all adorable. That's a given. But wouldn't you like to know a little bit more? Here are X facts you probably didn't know about monkeys and primates!


1. A group of monkeys is called a "troop"


2. There are three categories of primates, only two of which are actually considered monkeys. The others are considered apes.

Chimpanzees aren't actually monkeys! They are apes.

3. How can you tell a monkey from an ape? Most monkeys have a tail, while apes don't.

4. The smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset. It is 4-6 inches and weighs only 3-5 ounces.

5. The largest monkey is the male Mandrill. It's a meter long and weighs 77 pounds.

6. Howler monkeys are crazy loud - they can be heard for 2 miles in a forest and 3 miles in open areas.

7. Apparently monkeys have an IQ of 174! One of the smartest monkeys is the Capuchin.


That is ridiculously smart give the human average is closer to 100.

8. Japanese Macaques like to hang out in pools of warm water - their position in the pool is determined by their social standing.

9. Gorillas, like the infamous Harambe, are not only one of the cutest apes ever, they are also the largest and most closely related to humans with 98% of DNA the same.

More importantly, they are so cute. RIP Harambe.

10. They have not discovered nearly all of the monkeys and primates out there. About a half a dozen new species are discovered every year. There are over 450 identified primate species.

11. Monkeys are skilled thieves.

This is less scientific fact, and more just obvious.

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