11 Meal Prep Tips To Make Cooking Less Stressful

What's the most common excuse people give as to why they don't cook more often?

"I don't have the time!"

Cooking can be time consuming if you're not organized.

But we've gathered some of the best meal prep tips for you to use so you can start cooking more often!

1. Plan out your meals for the week

This takes the stress AND guesswork out of weekly meals! Plus, you have things to look forward to.

2. Make a list of everything you'll need

Once you've planned out your meals, go through and see what you already have and what you need. Plus, it makes grocery shopping a lot easier.

3.  It's okay to take shortcuts

If it calls for homemade BBQ sauce, just by BBQ sauce. Cooking is a creative outlet and you can make whatever improvisations you want!

4. Pick a day as your "prep day"

Try and pick meals that can prepared in advance! Take a day to make everything for the week, or at least prep as much as you can!

5. Clean as you go!

If you put things away as you clean, you won't be as tired at the end when you have to do it all at once. Plus, it's easier to cook when you have more counter space.

6. Stock up on Tupperware

The more Tupperware you have, the more prep you can do!

7. Try storing food in the pot you cooked it in.

The fewer pots and storage containers you use, the less you have to clean.

8. Don't always rely on the microwave

A lot of people don't like reheating their food in the microwave, so they don't prep in advance. Reheating things in the oven actually makes the food look and taste like it was freshly prepared!

9. You can prep snacks, too.

Pre-portion nuts, crackers, fruit and veggies so you can have something to snack on. All part of your prep day!

10. Start small.

You obviously won't be a professional chef from the get-go. Start with two or three meals a week to get into a routine, then work your way up!

11. Remember it won't be perfect.

You're working towards a goal! All you need is progress, not perfection.

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