11 Vintage Photos That Could Only Be From Australia

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

While our lives seem to change drastically all the time, sometimes looking at old photographs proves that the present and the past are a lot more alike than we think.

These photos all capture something about Australia that's still relatable to this day, whether it's the country's wildlife, the weather, the attitudes of the people who live there, or what it's like living on such a crazy island, we can still find something totally "Australian" in each and every one of these photos.


1. Bear In Mind, This Was A Long Time Ago

Nowadays no one in their right mind would even think of hurting a cute little koala bear, but in the 1920s there was a big market for these little fellas because their fur is soft and waterproof. Pelt hunts like this one continued until the 1930s, when importing koala hide was outlawed in the United States.

2. Two For One

It used to be common for fishermen to go toe to toe with huge crocs like these for their skin, but catching two at once was a prize. Nowadays crocodile skin is farmed instead of hunted, since the wild population is much smaller.

3.  Recognize Him?

No, that's not just some back country farmer, you're looking at a shot of Mick Jagger dressed up as  Ned Kelly, the famous bush robber, for the 1970 movie. Unfortunately, the film was a dud and it ended Jagger's film career before it got in full swing. Jagger still says he's never seen the movie.

4.  Precious Cargo

When a landslide buried a section of the railway tracks, these workers rolled their barrels of beer down the line to the next station so they wouldn't have to go without it. Some things never change.

5. One Big Piece Of Litter

When NASA's old Skylab space station fell back to earth in 1979, the agency expected it would land in the Atlantic ocean. Instead, it spread itself across the tiny western Australian town of Esperance, and the space agency got a $400 fine from the agency for making a mess of the town. In typical American fashion, it took the agency nearly 30 years to pay the fine!

6. Trooper's Vanity Saved His Life

Fred Beale of Brisbane caught a lucky break when a Japanese sniper's bullet hit his metal-backed mirror, saving his life.

7. Drought And Fancy Dress

This photo shows a farmer scooping up cactus to feed his cows during a drought, but what's really striking is he's doing it with a suit and tie on. Was that the standard uniform for cattle farmers back then?

8.  Bright Thinking

This couple are using a hand-cranked bicycle to power their mattress factory's sewing machine during a coal strike.

9. High Tide In Melbourne

Records say an inch of water fell over a very small area in just 45 minutes, turning city streets into swamps. If you look inside the tram you can see passengers standing on their seats to keep their feet dry.

10. Simpler Times

Just seeing this photo today is enough to drive some parents up the wall. A huge line of kids and not a helmet in sight! In Victoria (where this photo was taken) they weren't required by law until 1971.

11. Snail Mail

You feel rushed trying to do you Christmas shopping today? Imagine having to get all your presents bought, wrapped and mailed out by early November, now that's a holiday rush.

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