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12 Lottery Winners Who Won So Much Money It Sounds Made Up

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What would you do if you won the lottery? I would take a cross-country trip and help out my family, and maybe only work part-time just to keep busy. When we dream of winning the lottery we usually think $10 million or even $50 million. But what if you won over $700 MILLION?

These people are the luckiest lottery winners in the world, with one jackpot being over $1 billion.

12. $319 Million in Albany

Seven co-workers in Albany, New York won $319 million on the Mega Millions lottery in 2015. 5 other co-workers passed on that round of the lottery pool, and I'm sure they still regret it.

11. $331 in Illinois, New Jersey, and Georgia

Erika Greene, a family in Illinois, and someone else in New Jersey all shared the $331 million jackpot. Green said she planned to buy a house and a car, although she's probably got more to spend after that.

"I've studied up on statistics and I am going to have someone handle the money for me," Greene said. "I'll make my money work for me instead of blowing it all."

10. $336 Million in California and New York

Jimmy Groves, who split the $331 million with Kevyn Ogawa. NY Post

Jimmy Groves and Kevyn Ogawa split the winnings on the Mega Million jackpot, but Groves said it wasn't that great.

"It's a dream turned into a nightmare," he said. "Winning is the beginning. Living with it is pure hell."

9. $340 million in Illinois and Michigan

Joe and Sue Kainz split the jackpot with another couple from Michigan.NY Daily News

Joe and Sue Kainz split the $363 million jackpot with Larry and Nancy Ross. The Kainzes choise to pay their debts, put money into their brewery, and fix their leaky roof.

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