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His Emotional Mission Has Helped Hundreds Of Sick Children and Terror Victims

Campbell Remess is a special kind of soul who has found a way to shine his light on the world.

It began two years ago, when Campbell was 9 years old. This sweet, sensitive boy, learned about a Christmas toy drive that was being held by a local hospital. He asked his parents if they could contribute, but the large family of nine was stretched to its limits - they didn't have the extra money to spend on gifts.

So, the little boy from Tasmania, Australia decided that he would make his own.

He is affectionately known as "Bumble" to family members. Unlike the rest of their brood, Campbell prefers to spend his free time quietly sewing teddies for kids and adults struggling with illness.

Initially, Campbell's mom worked with him to build his bears, but he quickly figured out how to do the work on his own.

"I said to go for it, but careful of his little fingers," his mom told Inside Edition. "I expected simple little things [but] what he does is incredible."

His incredible teddies are unique and each has it's own special personality. But, according to Campbell, his very best creation was a bear that he made especially for his father.

Campbell's father had been diagnosed with cancer. The disease would go into remission, only to return again and again. During an especially difficult resurgence of the disease, Campbell extended his own gentle magic to his father.

"It was a tough night," recalled Campbell's mom. "The mood was flat and fear [was] in our house. Bumble came out and sat next to dad." He brought a new bear and told his father it would help him win against cancer.

"Bumble changed the entire attitude" she said, "and I'm sure that same impact is felt on each recipient of each bear he gives," she said.

It has been a year since that night and his father's cancer has not returned.

With his bear building Project 365, Campbell has built over 800 teddies for those in need of a little extra comfort. Donations to his efforts can be made through Paypal or GoFundMe.

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