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13 Bizarre Laws In The UK You Might Be Breaking

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Sometimes there are laws on the books from so long ago that they seem irrelevant and are forgotten. The problem is, even if they aren't actively enforcing it, they are still there. While legal systems try to stay up to date, sometimes there are so many laws there is no way they can take the time to get rid of the ridiculous ones.

The United Kingdom has some of the strangest laws that you won't believe are real (but they are). Check out 13 of the most bizarre laws in the UK below and see if you have ever broken any of them.


1. It is illegal to eat mince meat pies on Christmas day.

2. You can go to prison if you are caught operating a cow, horse or steam engine intoxicated. Yes, a cow.


3. It is illegal to beat or shake a carpet. Only doormats are allowed to be beaten and only after 8am.

4. If you pet mates with the pets of the royal family without their permission, you can technically be executed


5. It is illegal to gamble in a library.


6. It is also illegal to place a postage stamp with the monarch's head upside down. It is considered treason. You also can't deface or destroy anything that has the monarch on it including money.

That's not even the strangest law...

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