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13 Fads From The 90s That Are Due For A Comeback

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As the saying goes: everything old is new again. Companies understand that, which is why there's been such a huge surge in reboots, remakes and revivals of everything we loved when we were kids.  Old TV shows are coming back, old video games, and even boy bands. But it turns out we have a very selective memory.

While lots of great '90s fads and trends are coming back, some of the best have been totally forgotten.

Sure, the '90s were an embarrassing and outrageous decade, but we think these 13 fads deserve to be remembered!

1. Mood rings

Imagine how much simpler our lives would be today if we could instantly tell how we're feeling. There's no app for that yet, and it wouldn't look as cool as these even if it existed.

2. Bop It

The original version of this toy only had three commands, but no amount of bells and whistles could improve on the endless fun it brought us. Bop It deserves to be a televised sport by now.

3. LA Gear

With the dream team of Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul promoting them, everyone wanted a pair of these bad boys. Light up shoes shouldn't just be for kids!

4. Trapper Keepers

Why was it acceptable for every kid in the '90s to carry their school supplies in this, but not for me to walk around using one like a briefcase at work? It's just not fair!

5. Hacky sack

This was the perfect way to kill time with your friends and get some exercise. I remember when every store had a display of these at the cash register, and now they've almost disappeared.

6. Big hats

It's pretty common to look back through history and shake our head at the silly fashion choices people used to make, but we forget that just a few decades ago people were walking around with these on their head.

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