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13 Folk Remedies That Grandparents Totally Swear By

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Sometimes, it's the simplest things that surprise you. Take a potato for example, I had no idea that it could be used for something other than become french fries.

It turns out, there are plenty of secondary uses for the foods we find in our refrigerator and cupboards. There are plenty of old home remedies that work, but these ones get the grandma gold seal of approval. They've been tried and tested by many people over the years and families everywhere swear by them.

The next time you've got an earache, reach for the fruit bowl instead of the medicine cabinet.

1. Celery Fights Bad Breath

Like many crunchy fruits and veggies, celery works as an effective weapon against bad breath. It increases the production of saliva and keeps your mouth rinsed and scrubbed!

2. Raisins Ease Arthritis

Ease the pain of arthritis or swollen joints with raisins and gin. Soak some golden raisins overnight in a couple of spoonfuls of gin. The vitamins from the raisins mixed with the anti-inflammatory effects of juniper berries  actually help to reduce swelling and ease joint pain.

3. Lemons Cure Sore Ears

Got sore ears? Squeeze some lemon juice into an ear plug and stick it in your ear for a minute or so. The idea is that the acid in a lemon will stabilize the pH levels in your ear.

If you're suffering from the symptoms of menopause, you'll want to grab a pound of these the next time you shop for groceries!

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