12 Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Holiday shopping is beyond stressful.

It shouldn't be, because Christmas is supposed to be about family and love. But inevitably, you have that one person you STILL can't find a gift for, even though there's only two weekends until Christmas.

Some people just have everything they could need. Or anything they DO need is way out of your budget (we all need to be debt free, Steven. How about something under $20?)

Here's a few things you can get the person who has everything! It gives them something to open under the tree and will clear your conscience!

1. Pet Rock With Walking Leash

Less commitment than a dog, and also less expensive! Get it here.

2. Thumb Sumo Wrestlers

It's probably a lot easier to ship thumb sumo wrestlers than real sumo wrestlers. Get it here.

3. "I Could Pee On This, Too"

Everyone needs cat poetry in their lives. Even if they don't like cats. They just need it. Get it here.

4. The Stupid Alert Button

This is perfect for literally anyone who has coworkers. It shouts 6 phrases, including "now that was a stupid idea!" Get it here.

5. Toilet Paper Made of Money

If they have everything, they're probably made of money. Therefore, they can wipe their butts with it. Get it here.

6. Emergency Underpants

Honestly this would be a great gift for everyone. You never know what's gonna happen. Get them here.

7. Ultimate Snack Care Package

Okay who DOESN'T love snacks? Amazon will literally deliver snack care packages to your door. The description says you can use it to supply the whole office, but if I got this I'd be using it to supply my own personal desk drawers. Get one here.

8. Toilet Golf

Have you ever forgotten your phone when you go to the bathroom and you're left reading shampoo bottles? Well BOY do I have a solution for you. Get it here.

9. Ear No Evil Ear Protectors

Know someone who's tired of politics? Regardless of who they support? Get them some BS protectors! They come in both Clinton and Trump varieties. Get it here.

10. Mini Pong

Always let your friends be ready to party! Get one here.

11. Cat Butt Magnet Holders

It's how cats show affection, so really you're telling someone you love them. Get some here.

12. The Gift Of Nothing

Have you ever had someone tell you they want nothing for Christmas? Well then here you go. Get it here.

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