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13 Great Old Stores That Are Closed For Good

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One of the strangest things about getting older is remembering stores that used to be everywhere but have totally disappeared. It seems silly to miss these stores, but we spend a lot of our lives walking through them, so it's hard to believe they can just go out of business and never be seen again.

Whether it's the grocery store you remember shopping at with your parents, or your favorite shop at the mall, we all have one store we miss from when we were younger.

We've made a list of 13 of the most iconic department stores, grocery chains, and mall institutions that we miss. See how many of these you remember shopping at!

1. Sam Goody

What began as one small record store famous for its discount prices quickly became a staple at malls across the country. Visiting a Sam Goody was never as cool as shopping at a locally owned record store, but they had everything you could ever want at a fair price. Imagine, someday people will wonder what a record store even was!

2. Peoples Drug Store

Sure this was a chain, but when they called themselves "your neighborhood drug store" you could really believe it. Now every drug store in America is an identical CVS or Rite Aid, but Peoples each had a unique character.

3. Alpha Beta

So this grocery chain had a cowboy for a mascot, but a Greek name, how come? The owners'  first store was organized alphabetically (so the apples were beside the avocados) and they named the chain after that idea. Alphy the cowboy came later.

4. TG&Y

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