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13 "Healthy" Foods Nutritionists Need You To Stop Eating

Just because you THINK it's healthy, doesn't mean it actually is.

Often times, we believe something is a "healthy food" when in reality, it's just a "healthier than the alternative" food. Buzz words like "healthy," "skinny," and "natural" are popping up on foods all over, but there's one problem with this.

There are very few regulations to what products can use those words, so manufacturers kind of have free range to throw them on whatever they want. A brownie is still a brownie, regardless of what it says on the label.

It's so important to know what food we're consuming and what we should avoid. Here are some foods that nutritionists wish you would stop eating, even though they may seem healthy to us.

1. Whole Wheat Bread

"Whole wheat bread is one of the most potentially inflammatory foods in existence since the gluten used in today's wheat bread is virtually indigestible by most people," says Miami clinical nutritionist Dr. Michael Forman. "It's amazing how much better people feel when they just stop eating it." Whole wheat bread can raise your blood sugar, which causes your body to store more fat.

2. Brown Sugar

"Brown sugar is just like the white stuff; it's a refined sugar that immediately hits your bloodstream and demands insulin as a response. This promotes inflammation by irritating insulin resistance, one of the factors in almost every health problem," explains Dr. Forman.

3. Agave Syrup

Dr. Forman says agave syrup is very close to high fructose corn syrup. If you're trying to lose weight, it's best to stay away.

4. Non-Organic Chicken

"They are kept in small cages, shot up with antibiotics and growth hormones and fed unnatural foods for chickens," says Dr. Forman. Opt instead for cage-free, organic chicken.

5. Pasteurized Eggs

"They have been treated with antibiotics, pasteurization, and other processes that make them last," explains Dr. Forman. Buying eggs from a local farmer's market is a much better option for your body.

6. Whole Wheat Pasta

Experts say whole wheat pasta is just as bad for you as the white flour pasta. Much like the whole wheat bread, it causes your blood sugar to rise which can promote fat storage. It's also high in empty calories.

7. Flavored Yogurt

Plain yogurt can get boring, so it makes sense to want to switch it up. But there's a crazy amount of added sugar in those flavored yogurt. Even though these yogurts boast about being "low calorie," all the calories they DO have are from sugar, not protein or fiber.

8. Pre-packaged Salads

Of course, the ones that are just lettuce are usually alright. But when you start adding the croutons, bacon, processed deli-meats, cheese, and dressing to the mix...the calories add up. It's important to look at all the aspects of your food before consuming it.

9. Energy/Protein Bars

These can be great in a pinch, but they are often LOADED with sugar and fat, not to mention artificial ingredients no one can pronounce. Most people who eat them also don't feel as though they've actually had a meal, so they're more likely to go out and eat an actual meal after already consuming an energy bar.

10. Veggie Chips

Just because they're made from veggies, doesn't mean they're healthy. In fact, there's hardly any vegetables in these at all. They're just a waste of calories and ultimately the equivalent to actual potato chips. You don't get any benefits from the vegetables claimed to be in these.

11. Processed Deli Meats

Turkey is a great source of lean protein. But the pre-packaged stuff is loaded with sodium, which kind of takes away the healthy part. It's better to buy and roast your own turkey than eat the pre-packaged stuff.

12. Couscous

Couscous is basically just tiny pasta, so you're not getting any health benefits from it that you wouldn't get from a plate of spaghetti. Opt for quinoa if you're looking for a healthy grain.

13. Rice Cakes

They're an airy and light snack, but in terms of carb-to-weight ratio, rice cakes are high. They also contain lots of sodium and lack fiber, so again, you're eating empty calories and consuming more carbs.

Did any of these foods surprise you? Let us know!

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