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13 Hilarious Dog Sneezes To Get You Through The Day

Sneezing is something that everyone does - even animals. You already saw how ridiculous cats look when they sneeze, but what about man's best friend?

Dogs are a treasure and should be treated as such. However, sometimes, when they are being particularly goofy, we can probably film them and share it with everyone we know right? It's hilarious and wonderful and just makes us love them even more.  Here are 13 dogs who really need a tissue.


1. This little Pomeranian looks like he may explode.

2. Sometimes those sneezes just won't come out. But when they do, they will not stop.

3. It's the sad look up to their owner after all confused and wondering why they are laughing.

4. What ever it smelled in those bushes was obviously not so great.

5. This dog thinks that if he gets low to the ground maybe the sneeze won't get him. He is wrong.

6. Someone get this dog a Claritin!

7. This husky likes to announce his sneezes before they come. Just so you can be prepared.

8. My goodness get this dog a tissue!

9. Sometimes a duet turns into a sneeze and you just can't help it.

10. This goofy baby makes the silliest face

11. This little puppy almost looks proud of their sneezes!

12. He knows it's coming but it takes a second before it happens.

13. Just when you think this dog will sneeze normally, he just goes all out.

Do you have any hilarious dog sneeze stories or pictures? Share them in the comments!

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