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13 Parents Determined To Embarrass Their Kids

Being able to embarrass your kids is pretty much one of the top reasons to have them right? They are going to cause you a lot of stress and cost a lot of money, but at least you will get to make them uncomfortable sometimes!

These parents take it to the next level. Sure, we all have stories of our parents being awkward, but there kids have the evidence to back it up. I don't know that I can properly express how glad I am Facebook came out only after I was done High School. Check out the 13 most embarrassing parents - at least according to their kids.


1. This dad takes dress code VERY seriously.

2. Contracts are only legal if you are of age kid! Take mommy to court!

3. Chances are she won't be trying that one again

4. Mom burns are harsh

5. Dads who copy selfies of their kids is just too funny

6. Especially when thy get mom in on it

7. Puns are a parent's best friend

8. Sometimes they are just going the best they can and maybe you should just give them a break

9. Some parents have all kinds of sass

10. This took commitment

11. Anything you can do, we can do ... sort of.

12. I am going to guess they do not still think short shorts are cute...

13. She looks so defeated and he looks so proud.

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