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13 Run Down Barns Became Gorgeous Cabins You'll Want To Move Into

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If you're looking for a new television show to binge-watch this fall, I highly suggest Barnwood Builders.

It combines the best of the three B's: burly men, beards and the back country. Watch Mark Bowe, a self-proclaimed 'fun-loving' West Virginian, and his crew of master craftsmen as they transform antique log cabins and barns into stunning modern homes.

These "hardworking hillbillies" are just a bunch of nice guys doing some amazing work. The hour-long episodes are actually a lot of fun and watching them is more like having a beer with the boys, than keeping up with the Kardashians.

It's pretty obvious that they truly enjoy working together and the only drama happens during the occasional structural collapse, or when someone has to remove the hornets' nest.

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