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13 Pictures That Prove Wearing A Helmet Is Literally Life-Saving

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When you're a kid, you parents make you wear a helmet to ride a bike. It's all about safety, but as you grow older it becomes less "cool" to be safe, for some reason, and you ditch the helmet before you head out. However, all it takes is one wrong turn for a leisurely bike ride to turn into a life-threatening situation.

Helmets aren't just a suggestion. They're truly a life-saving piece of equipment that you'd be stupid not to wear. Whether it's on your bike, on a construction site, or on a motorcycle, helmets should be a daily part of your outfit.

Check out some pictures of helmets that saved someone's life, and then imagine it was your head instead. Makes you think, right?





Continue reading to see how a bike helmet saved a cyclist after being hit by a car.

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