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13 Things You'll Only Understand if you Take Public Transit

Public transit, while sometimes convenient, is like a hub for annoying tendencies. Doesn't matter what city, what method of transport, or what time of day. There are some things that just remain constant all the time.

Ask anyone who takes public transit and they'll sound off a list of things they can't stand. Chances are it'll sound a lot like this one.

1. When you and your seatmate are (unintentionally) touching legs.

2. Always having to stand because your stop is halfway through a busy route

3. When your bus doesn't show up at all

4.When someone hasn't learned the concept of showering and deodorant

5. Seeing someone you know but not wanting to talk to them

6. People who listen to their music too loud

7. When there's an empty seat but someone has their bag on it

8. When it's your stop but everyone is blocking the door

9. When the person next to you wants to chat

10. When someone has no idea what stop to get off at because they never bothered to check

11. People who talk way too loud on the phone

12. When it's mid-winter but the air conditioning is still on

13. Traffic delays

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