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13 Christmas Sweaters That Are So Ugly They're Beautiful

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become quite the statement piece. You used to dread getting one for Christmas if your grandma knit one, but now, people spend quite a bit of money buying them!

The best ones are obviously the originals, ones that are unique and homemade. Check out the 13 best Christmas sweaters that you secretly wish you had.


1. This poor reindeer has had enough candy

2. Sweater was more of a general concept here.

3. This family has a lot going on ... I am super happy they have a tiny goat though.

4. This couple is the cutest couple ever.

5. When you just need to throw a little bit of everything on there

6. Sometimes you want to still show your support

7. I don't think this guy read his shirt. He does not look like he has any joy.

8. Some people go all out with lights and everything!

9. You can show off your favorite movie, as long there is a Christmas hat.

10. Christmas classics are always a good choice

11. If you are a celebrity with a very distinct gimmick you can throw that on there

12. You can have a sweater that makes you a tree

13. Or, you can just go ALL out!

Are you going to wear an ugly Christmas sweater this year? Share with someone who will appreciate the Christmas efforts!

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