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14 Vintage Circus Pictures That Will Fuel Your Nightmares

Freak shows, or sideshows, were always a huge hit at vintage circuses. Unfortunately it was often different or disabled people who were put on display, and they were often underpaid.

There are some truly bizarre photos of these 'freak shows' that can make us all thankful they are the thing of the past.

Take a look at some of these truly shocking 'freak show' pictures that documents this bizarre era.

1. Martin Joe Laurello was known as "The Human Owl" for his ability to turn his head around almost 180 degrees.

2. "The Human Caterpillar" was born limbless and would roll around lighting cigarettes with his mouth.

3. Koo-Koo, the bird girl.

4. The Smallest Person Who Ever Lived, Lucia Zarate, weighing 4lbs at age 18.

5. A headless chicken who survived for 18 months without its head.

6. This Four-Legged-Girl who may just be an illusion.

7. Elastic Skin Man

8. Frank Lentini, who had 3 legs, 4 feet, sixteen toes, and two functioning sets of genitals.

9. A haunting image of "The Pierced Man"

10. Annie Jones, The American Bearded Woman

11. Schlitzie Simon Metz, who was born with a shrunken cranium and therefore an underdeveloped brain.

12. Isaac Sprague, "The Living Skeleton"

13. Ella Harper, known as "Camel Girl"

14. Grady Stiles, AKA Lobster Boy

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