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15 Animals Show Us What A Mother's Love Is All About

Sometimes, it may seem like you are from different planets. You may look at your mother and wonder, how are we even related? But, even when you seem to be speaking a different language and you disagree on everything, we know that one thing will never change  - her love for you.

Being a mother isn't always easy, for humans or animals, but every mother would risk their lives for their babies. Animals know how we feel and these beautiful pictures say it all. Here are 15 incredible photos of a mother's love:

She's always got our back and she'll lend us hers,

She's always there to comfort us when we're tired,

and happily accepts our slobbery baby kisses any time of the day.

When we do something wrong, she'll give us a piece of her mind,

but she's the first one to congratulate us when we do it right.

She loves it when we're ready for the big-kid chores!

She'll always give us that gentle nudge in the right direction...

She teaches us how to care for ourselves,

and our siblings.

Whenever we have a bad day, she's the first one we run to,

even if she's got a million other things on her mind,

or she's bone tired,

she'll make the time to hear all about it,

and even carry the heavy load for us when we just can't do it alone.

Because a mother's love doesn't quit.

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