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15 Crazy Lawsuits That Prove People Will Do Anything For Money

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If you've ever been short on cash, you can understand why some people do the weirdest things to get money. Get Rich Quick schemes, pawning family heirlooms, and offering out services you're good at for cash in return, they're all ways people try to make some quick money.

But one method that's rising in popularity is suing someone for a large sum of money.

One guy even sued himself.

1. Aitken v. NBC

Austin Aitken sued NBC after watching an episode of the hit show Fear Factor. An avid watcher of the show, Aitken claims one challenge was so grotesque it made him "vomit and run into a wall." The challenge involved contestants eating blended up rats. He says it was so awful, his blood pressure rose and he became disoriented. Aitken sued the network for $2.5 million, but claimed it was an arbitrary amount and that all he wanted was to send a message to networks saying the show was too graphic. He lost the case, and hopefully learned how to change the channel on his TV.

2. Chiscolm v. Bank Of America

One man, Dalton Chiscolm, was fed up after having to call the bank multiple times to settle some incorrectly deposited checks. Chiscolm said the calls were frustrating, so he sued Bank Of America for "1,784 BILLION, TRILLION Dollars" which is more money than there is on the planet. In addition to the direct deposit of his initial ask, he also demanded another $200,164,000 for his troubles. The case was thrown out because there was no federal cause of action for the suit, and also probably because it's flat out ridiculous.

3. Connell v. Tarala

In 2011, Jennifer Connell (or Auntie Jen) sued her 8-year-old nephew for $127,000 after his "negligent hug" caused her to fall over and break her wrist. Auntie Jen claimed her nephew "should have known that a forceful greeting such as the one delivered by the defendant to the plaintiff could cause the harms and losses suffered by the plaintiff.”

It turns out this whole lawsuit was actually due to a loophole in order to get the insurance carrier to pay up. Probably put a bit of a damper on Christmas dinner, no?

4. Plaintiffs v. Fresh Inc.

A class action lawsuit against Fresh Inc. was put in motion after it was alleged the company was jilting customers out of lip balm. According to the lawsuit, the twist-up mechanism prevents customers from using all of the advertised contents, calling it a violation of California’s Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. However, the case was thrown out when the company could prove that the product label clearly indicated the amount of usable lip balm in the stick, and that the extra balm at the bottom was actually bonus.

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