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15 Great Things About Being A Woman Over 50

Award-winning writer, Jeanie Lerche Davis wrote a wonderful article naming 50 of the greatest things about women over 50. Her inspiring article is full of wisdom, humor and insight into the part of life many younger women dread.

There is so much to be gained by reading the full article, and I would encourage you to set some time aside to check it out. Perhaps you already know these little secrets, maybe a few of them shine a light on parts of your life you have yet to be thankful for.

If you're nearing your 50th, Davis reminds us that it's just the begining of the fun: "on the cusp of her 50th birthday, Katie Couric became the first female solo anchor of a national evening news show."


If you want a little taste of her words of wisdom, check out our favorites below. Don't forget to Like & Share!

Women over 50 are Freer


The woman over 50 makes her relationship with herself No. 1. The kids are grown. She's learned to let them go and stopped worrying about them. -- N. O'Reilly

You say "screw it" to plastic surgery. I read somewhere that more women in their 40's get plastic surgery than in their 50's. I think it's because once you hit 50, you don't care. You say, "I am who I am." -- J. Ganahl

After turning 50 I felt liberated. I felt like I could say what I wanted to say, do things I wanted to do, and wear things I wanted to wear. --WebMD:Suezee52

Women Over 50 Are Powerful


A world of opportunities opens up when you turn 50. Today, there are entire web sites, companies, and services devoted to the over-50 demographic. Find your niche in that market. -- S. Mitchell

Women over 50 are president, CEO, and the star of their own lives. If you have the attitude that life is precious, that life is grandiose, that you don't want to waste any time, you will make this quality time. -- S. Mitchell

Women Over 50 Are Self-Assured


You know what you like and what you don't like. If someone is trying to talk you into wearing pink because it's trendy, you don't let them influence you. There's wonderful self-trust when you hit 50. -- C. Northrup

You've learned that you can depend on yourself and you are open to new opportunities. You can accept change, tackle life, and move on. -- S. Mitchell

Women Over 50 Are Sexy


I am working out, shopping, traveling, and enjoying my friends more and often. I lost weight and my style of dressing has changed. I am now wearing hip-hugging jeans, leather -- everything. Even my sex life has improved. -- WebMD: Jackson922

Women in their 50s make great lovers. Going through menopause can be extremely freeing. As she ages, her sexuality becomes more important, and she is better able to enjoy it. -- N. O'Reilly

Women Over 50 Have More Fun



You've learned to appreciate spontaneous humor, for it gives life a spicy flavor. You laugh a lot, and laugh out loud. You let the child within you play. You don't have to be "perfect" because no one's perfect. -- S. Mitchell

You can finally get the car you've always wanted. You can toss the minivan and really indulge yourself. -- J. Ganahl

A woman over 50 will not lay next to you in bed and ask "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. -- A. Rooney

Women Over 50 Know What They Like


You learn to fuel your life from your inner wisdom, from your soul. Your life only works well if it's fueled from what's really true inside, not from what's current in magazines. -- C. Northrup

If a woman over 50 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. -- A. Rooney

Women Over 50 Are Wise


You know the wisdom of surrender. You're right that your ex-husband wronged you. You can spend the rest of your life beating that drum, but that's the road to bitterness. There is wisdom in letting go of your grievances. You begin to know what's important and what isn't. You know what hill to die on. -- C. Northrup

She knows the value of mentoring. There are younger women out there who want role models. A woman over 50 has wisdom to offer. -- N. O'Reilly

Women Over 50 Are Just Getting Started!


A woman over 50 knows the value of celebrating life. She's sizzling, not fizzling. She's savvy, not sad. -- S. Mitchell

I'm definitely not the same person my mother was at 50! With the knowledge we have now, the sky's the limit. I ride horses, scuba dive, zip line! -- WebMD: Mustang1956

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