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21 Hilarious CatBeard Selfies That You Need To Recreate

If you love cats, and you love beards, you'll definitely love catbeards!

Cat lovers of Instagram have been showing-off their best catbeard portraits for all the world to enjoy, and they're pretty freaking amazing! If you've never heard of catbeard, there are only two rules:

  1. Must have cat
  2. Replace human nose with cat nose

Simple, right? Check out the fabulous CatBeards of Instagram and get inspired!

The Terrified CatBeard

The Intense Eyebrow CatBeard

The Black & White CatBeard

not quite... but points for creativity

Worried / Surprised CatBeard

Smouldering Eyes CatBeard

Cute CatBeard

Have you got cattitude? Post a picture of your and your kitty in full CatBeard pose!

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